Lattes - Hot, Frozen or Over ICe


We offer an infinite variety of lattes…all of which can be served hot, over ice or frozen. A latte is prepared with espresso, milk and can be flavored with an endless assortment of sauces and flavors.



Lattes (Served Hot): When customers request a latte, they typically expect the popular specialty coffee drink prepared with espresso and steamed milk. Our stores currently offer two sizes of hot lattes: 12 oz. (small) or 16 oz. (medium). Our baristas will dose a portafilter and pull “shots” of espresso for your drink (2 shots for either the small or medium drink). We will steam milk (whole, skim, almond or soy milk) and add to the espresso. We often refer to our skim-milk lattes as “skinny”.




Frozen Lattes: Growing in popularity, we also offer a frozen version of the latte which is blended to the consistency of a milk shake. We offer the same sizes and use the same number of shots of cold-brew espresso as with over-ice drinks… but also add a powder base that provides body and texture to the drink. We add milk and ice and blend to a creamy consistency. With the customer’s approval, we also add a whip cream garnish. Again, the same variety of flavors are available for the frozen lattes.




Lattes (Served Over Ice): Many customers have discovered the enjoyment of lattes over ice. Unlike many of the coffee chains, we use specially prepared “cold-brew” espresso for our over ice drinks. We offer a medium version (16 oz.) and a large size (24 oz.)… using two shots of espresso in the former and 3 shots in the latter. We often find that folks will request extra shots of espresso in the over-ice drinks. We then add whole, skim, almond or soy milk depending on the customer’s preference, stir and add a bit of ice. As with all lattes, we also offer the option of the same variety of flavors.



Try our signature River Road Mocha Latte!  This delicious beverage includes white chocolate and swirls of caramel and can be enjoyed Hot, Over Ice or Frozen.