Our Roaster - one line coffee


We proudly serve coffee roasted by One Line Coffee,  a roasting and coffee consulting company located in Columbus and Heath, Ohio and founded in 2009 by the partners who created the River Road Coffeehouse. When people ask us why we decided to create our own roasting company,  the answer is simple and straight-forward… to provide our customers with something they couldn’t find anywhere else in Central Ohio:  truly unique, single origin coffees that showcase the hard work put in by farmers around the world.  We ethically source our coffees, focusing on coffees that are the result of a direct relationship between our importers and farmers. We try to avoid middle men and exporters whenever possible, ensuring that farmers receive the highest possible payment for their products.


Our roaster showcase store is located in the Short North Area in Columbus where we operate a “state of the art” coffee bar and perform small-batch roasting. We also maintain a cupping/training lab in the Columbus store and frequently invite customers and guests to participate in coffee “cuppings” and home-brewing classes. Our production roasting is done in our Roastery Facility located in nearby Heath, Ohio. Visit our roaster web site at www.onelinecoffee.com